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To present a product and quality description and price qualification that is as fair as possible, Welovefootballshirts.com chooses a rating based on figures to assess the football shirt. Below we explain how we arrive at a quality assessment for our range of original retro football shirts.

Pricing is done through a number of important pillars.

1. The quality of the football shirt.
Has the shirt been washed, used in a collection or new from the packaging? At Welovefootballshirts.com we work with the following assessment to determine quality:

** We do not offer between 1/10 and 6/10 qualities on the website **

Tenue has slight user traces and / or washes of sponsor logo or size label.
It is also possible that small items or brackets are visible on the outfit.

Tenue is in good condition. Perhaps a small damage but not disturbing the view.

The dress is worn but this is not visible in the shirt. No damage, no discolouration and a outfit that you hope for if it is a vintage or retro item.

New outfit. Never worn and everything in new condition. Club logo, sponsor name, possibly back number and size label. In some cases, the original brand labels are still attached.

2. The uniqueness of the football shirt.
Is it a match worn outfit? Is it an 80s / 90s / 00s copy? Are there few of them in circulation? Does the brand name of the shirt still exist? All measuring points that determine the value.

3. The size of the football shirt.
If the football shirt is going to be worn, choose the appropriate size for yourself. If you collect for a collection, the sizes Medium and Large are often the most sought after and therefore also more expensive than a XXXL or Small item.